How aligned are the Party Manifestos on Key Issues? 

With the general election right around the corner, it's vital to see how each party lines up in their apporaches and interests.

How aligned are the Party Manifestos on Key Issues? 

With the general election right around the corner, it's vital to see how each party lines up in their apporaches and interests.

What can systems mapping tell us about the manifestos?

The General Election countdown is (finally!) on. With postal votes already being returned and under a week until polling stations open, we want to share with the public what the manifestos say – in an accessible format on the OP platform.  

The Manifestos have been systems-mapped, and negative and positive links have been made to show how each manifesto aims to address key Shared Outcomes, such as the Wellbeing of Future Generations or Accessible transport infrastructure. You can explore the full list of Shared Outcomes here.

Without further ado, here are my highlights/ points of most interest from analysis of the key party manifestos so far: 

On accounting for the Wellbeing of future generations (equity across time):

  • Green Party wants to shut down nuclear power, look after nature better and improve the education system. 
  • Conservatives want to continue licensing for oil and gas, create new gas power stations and scale up nuclear. 
  • Labour want to upskill the population for jobs in a sustainable economy through a ‘Green Prosperity Plan’ and ‘Young Futures Hubs’ but remain committed to NATO’s ‘nuclear deterrent’.  

Energy/ Net Zero:

  • Labour want to deliver zero carbon electricity by 2030 through scaling up renewables and CCS (carbon capture and storage).

  • Reform want to scrap renewables subsidies.

  • Lib Dems want to invest in renewables so 90% of supply is from renewables by 2030.

  • Greens want to reduce energy demands as well as deliver supply through renewables.

  • Conservatives want to ensure annual licensing rounds for oil and gas production and scale up nuclear, as well as to treble offshore wind to deliver energy security.

As seen below – three parties are not promising to support renewables, while 3 of them have plans of increasing detail.


  • Labour want to deliver a future-fit NHS that works closer to home for people.

  • The Greens want health and social care to get enough money to do a good job, achieve WHO safe air quality and for climate actions to deliver co-benefits for mental and physical health.

  • The Conservatives want to deliver better health and social care and better mental health support – with the intention to bring this into communities rather than health care settings.

Food Security:

  • Conservatives want to promote planet friendly diets and look after farmers and fisheries by increasing farming budgets.  
  • Greens want to support farmers to support nature and healthy diets and stop food waste. 
  • Labour want to support farmers and improve nature outcomes.  

Climate migration and Human Rights:

  • Greens want to look after immigrants better, fight for Human Rights and focus on creating a fairer and more peaceful. 
  • Labour want to link immigration and skills policy to fill gaps in labour market. 
  • Conservatives want to return people without right to remain to their home countries and reform asylum rules and to set ‘greater protections around sex and gender’ which alienate trans and intersex people, but tackle violence against women and girls. 

As shown below some parties are proposing action which may have a negative impact on climate migrants.  

Individual Manifesto Mindmaps

You can also explore each of the party Manifestos in detail by exploring their published mindmaps and linked reports:

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