We are a growing team with experienced leadership.

Pooran has been working in sustainability for over 30 years, as an entrepreneur, author and advisor to business and government. He has a background in medical sciences and neuroscience, which he brings to ensuring OnePlanet is building health at all levels - at the level of the individual, community and planet.

Pooran Desai


Technologist. Robert is CEO of COINS Global, the global market leader in software solutions for the construction industry. He has worked in technology companies and technology investment for over 30 years.

Robert Brown


Tom oversees OnePlanet's finances. He also manages the delivery of the finance, HR, IT, legal, and facilities areas at award-winning NGO Bioregional, which is a shareholder in OnePlanet. Previously he worked for 10 years at the Institution of Structural Engineers.

Tom Schuurman


Customer Success

The customer success team is committed to the company’s mission and we collaborate with various experts contributing to our products and services. 

Ben has been working in sustainability for 20 years, starting out with a rapping robot to teach primary school children about recycling and working up to supporting the implementation of sustainability on globally leading exemplars such as Villages Nature, Singita and Zibi. Ben has chosen apples from an apple tree he planted 20 years ago, reminding him of the need to take a long view, as well as the benefits as a local healthy diet.

Ben Gill

Head of Customer Success

Niamh is a recent Anthropology graduate from Goldsmiths, University of London. Niamh has chosen her bike to represent sustainability because cycling produces zero emissions and contributes to a healthy lifestyle! Niamh bought her bike second hand to reduce waste and challenge overconsumption.

Niamh James​

Comms and Customer Success Analyst

Peter has been working in the tech for social good space for over 20 years, starting with a resource mapping system for local communities and more recently developing a platform for local democracy, organising and participatory budgeting. Peter has chosen seeds as he sees them as both literal and metaphorical foundations of life and society, representing potential for growth and positive change.

Peter Anderson

Head of Partnerships

Tash is a Geography graduate with experience in community-level action, working with young people, rewilding projects and filmmaking. She has chosen lichen (a symbiotic union of fungi and algae or bacteria), as through this collaboration, lichen make liveable places where the individual species wouldn’t survive alone. They show the power of community to grow resilience and find solutions to difficult problems!

Tash Barnes

Project Officer

Gaurav practised clinical medicine for six years, has co-developed and operated primary care services, led six quality-improvement projects within the NHS and is a published researcher. Gaurav has expertise in Public Health and is focussing his efforts on finding solutions to the climate crisis by taking an epidemiological approach. He believes that the impact on health outcomes is one of the biggest platforms upon which to justify urgent climate action.

Dr Gaurav Sikka​

Health Lead

Felix is a graduate of a masters in Political Communication from the University of Glasgow having worked in the voluntary sector with education and food banks. Felix has chosen a pair of boots to symbolise sustainable travel; by choosing to walk whenever possible, you lower your carbon footprint, feel good and learn more about the environment you live in!

Felix Christoforou

Communications and Graphic Design

Product Development

We have a strong development team with a wide range of technical expertise. 

Rajat is a software architect and a post graduate in computer science. He has opted for a plant to represent sustainability because he has always believed that plants help to sustain life on this planet by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere, absorb carbon dioxide, provide habitat and food for wildlife and humans, and regulate the water cycle.

Rajat Bansal

Chief Architect

Archit is a Professional IT Software developer, and he choose Water to represent sustainability,. He believes that people should not waste water and reuse waste water for your gardens or plants and always use your tap water wisely. He believes that effort made by us as individuals is what really matters.

Archit Dugar


Peeyush is a software developer with a Post Grad in Computer Science. He has chosen plants to represent sustainability because we are all directly or indirectly dependent on plants. Without plants, life on earth would be impossible. They are a primary source of food and they maintain soil quality, regulate humidity and contribute to the stability of the climate.

Peeyush Kriplani​


Jothinayagan is a professional software engineer and post graduate in Computer Science. He chose wildlife to represent sustainability. He strongly believes that our mother earth is not only for human beings but for all our friends that are part of the natural world. It is every human being's responsibility to protect our precious wildlife from extinction, provide a thriving habitat for them and maintain the life cycles of all living beings.

Jothinayagan Iyyappan


Udyan is a Software Engineer and Electronics and Communication graduate. He has chosen solar panels as they are a resounding symbol of sustainability and clean energy. Solar energy is a core part of his unwavering dedication to promoting renewable energy sources and embracing a lifestyle that is environmentally conscious and sustainable. These panels encapsulate the spirit of innovation, efficiency, and the promise of a future that is brighter and cleaner.

Udyan Srivastava

Ajay is a Software Engineer and Electronics & communication graduate. He chosen this image as Harnessing the wind's power is not just about energy generation; it's about embracing sustainability and preserving our planet for generations to come.

Ajay Kumar

Test Engineer

Suryansh is a professional Software Engineer and Computer Science graduate. He has chosen bicycle and plants as it symbolises Eco-friendly transportation and a connection to nature. Plants improve air quality, prevent soil erosion and even an essential part of water cycle. This composition not only represents sustainability but embodies a version of a harmonious future where human activities coexist with benefit the natural world.

Suryansh Gahlot​



Advocating for living within planetary boundaries

Nicola Peel

Nicola Peel is an award-winning environmentalist and solutionist who speaks passionately about the lessons she has learned from her 20 years working in the Ecuadorian Amazon and her deep connection to the natural world. Combining inspiring stories and practical solutions, Nicola provides a vision of how we can live in harmony with Nature.

As soon as I heard Pooran Desai speak about One Planet I got it. After 20 years working in the Ecuadorean Amazon, co -founding the South East Climate Alliance (SECA) and teaching biomimicry I could see it was just like a mycelial network. How nature communicates and shares information.

We urgently need real tangible solutions. By mapping businesses internally and externally we can see our strengths and weaknesses, what we are doing well and areas which need improvement. The 10 key One Planet Principles are what we all need to be working on to create a thriving future.

Donna Stimson

Donna is founder of Building Bridges Hub located in the town centre of Maidenhead, and is dedicated to creating a more sustainable town, seeking to help local residents, businesses and organisations do the same. Donna is working together with local people to make a difference in their communities.  Read more here

The OnePlanet platform is fantastic. The first time I came across it, I knew that it was just what I was looking for. From someone who has difficulty with computers, I loved it at once because it was so intuitive. We have 455 different organisations on our resource map, and I haven't even begun to scratch the surface. So it's just an absolute blessing for me to have found OnePlanet.

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