Align Health, Environmental Factors and Equity. ​

Health outcomes hinge on highly interconnected social and environmental factors. By the time healthcare services are accessed, the opportunity to prevent illness has been missed. OnePlanet’s technology enables health influencers to embrace this interconnectedness by identifying and affecting health determinants in a regenerative way.



In the UK, the healthcare and climate crises are intertwined, rooted in shared societal and environmental degradation. This interconnection means that factors driving climate change—like pollution and unsustainable living patterns—also contribute to widespread health issues, straining the healthcare system. 

The NHS cannot expand to meet the growing demand and the focus must shift to upstream solutions that prevent ill-health. This proactive approach not only addresses health challenges but also presents a unique chance to adapt to climate changes and minimise our environmental impact. 

For example, holistic solutions, such as promoting healthier diets and encouraging active transport, are essential in addressing the root causes of ill-health, as well as reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Embracing such comprehensive approaches that target health issues before they escalate, we can create a sustainable, resilient healthcare system that benefits both people and the planet.

In collaboration with a public health body such as a local government or Integrated Care Board, OnePlanet can:

Conduct comprehensive systems mapping to identify and understand the interconnected drivers of health inequalities and climate change impacts at a local level.

Systems map for an informed response

OnePlanet allows for deeper collaboration among stakeholders, including local councils, community organisations, local businesses and healthcare providers, to implement joined-up strategies for healthier, more sustainable communities.

Facilitate Collaboration among stakeholders

Support the implementation of upstream solutions, e.g. promoting healthier diets and active transport, to address the healthcare and climate crises in an integrated manner.

Support upstream solutions

Supporting Implementation

OnePlanet’s systems-mapping technology plays a pivotal role in identifying these holistic solutions, enabling users to uncover interventions with multiple co-benefits facilitating the implementation of innovative strategies that enhance public health and environmental resilience.

Local-level approaches and action are crucial in tackling health inequalities and the climate crisis to ensure that solutions are relevant, sustainable, and effective. By focusing on local determinants of health, such as air quality, access to green spaces, and healthy food options, local governments can make significant strides in improving public health and resilience against climate change.

Engaging community members in the decision-making process also fosters a sense of ownership and commitment towards positive change, enhancing the likelihood of long-term success. This grassroots approach, supported by OnePlanet’s technology, enables the identification of specific challenges and opportunities, driving targeted and impactful action that benefits both people and the planet.

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