Creating, sharing and connecting plans effortlessly

Companies and NGOs

OnePlanet’s digital platform offers companies and other organisations a unique tool to take joined-up action towards a healthier, happier more prosperous future. 

OnePlanet has allowed us to build a comprehensive sustainability platform that tracks the Yard South's performance over time - from pre-development to post-occupancy.

The mapping is a sophisticated data visualisation tool that effectively communicates the interconnectivity of each outcome, action and indicator as well as the alignment with regional and state climate action plans

Supporting Your Net Zero or ESG Journey

Wherever you are in your journey OnePlanet can help you progress more sure-footedly and effortlessly by:

  • ensuring your strategy is aligned with key national and global targets and frameworks, such as UN SDGs, Global Reporting Initiative and BCorp
  • creating your own custom framework
  • using Best Practice Templates to improve performance of all elements of your business and track compliance 
  • mapping key company strategies and departmental activities to align with your environmental and social targets
  • tracking progress of actions
  • creating reports on progress at the click of a button
  • connecting to, and engaging, with customers, suppliers, local government and other stakeholders

Case Study

OnePlanet was engaged by PK Realty Management to create the sustainability strategy for the Yard South project and later the company’s other assets. PK Realty chose to use the One Planet Living framework for its ability to provide a continuous, comprehensive and coordinated improvement process as opposed to a one-time checklist approach.

Making your life easy

OnePlanet is designed to make your life easy.

Implement an effective and authentic sustainability strategy which is right for you

OnePlanet enables you to create a sustainability vision based on Outcomes and Indicators that address key issues in a joined-up fashion, aligned to key local and national requirements or targets. These core Outcomes and Indicators can then be embedded in the operational plans and strategies of all your departments. Customisable Best Practice Templates enable you to get started quickly, and help you identify the most impactful opportunities. 

Report on multiple frameworks 

OnePlanet enables you to align with leading global frameworks (our unique ‘lenses’ functionality) or benchmarks such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) as well as create your own internal framework. You can even connect directly to environmental, social and economic targets of your local government, city or region. 

You can then pull information from all your activities into a single report structured to any one of these frameworks at the click of a button, saving a huge amount of time and mindless effort. 

Engage and collaborate

You can share your plans internally with team members and externally with customers, suppliers and stakeholders to drive collaboration. By using the our lenses functionality, you can community in the framework used by your target audience as well as highlight co-benefits such as to health and equity.   Stakeholders can be invited to view or edit plans in real time, enabling dynamic collaboration.


OnePlanet allows you to easily publish your plan and report on progress through reports, interactive mindmaps or publishing a regular flow of stories or progress updates. This demonstrates to your customers, clients and partners how your company is contributing towards a better future.

Case Study

Meridian Water comprises many separate projects and the OnePlanet platform is being used to track progress across these projects to ensure the ESS and other key Meridian Water goals and objectives are delivered.

Community sponsorship opportunities

OnePlanet provides the software free to community groups to enable them to create maps of local action. Companies can sponsor a local community group to enhance this work, by paying for the training and support of a local coordinator to manage, onboard, train and support organisations participating in the project.

This can prove to be an excellent way to support the community and demonstrate your commitment to your community.

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