Meridian Water

Case Study


Name: Meridian Water

Meridian Water is Enfield Council’s £6 billion 25-year regeneration project which will create 10,000 homes, and 6,000 jobs for local people in Enfield. Meridian Water will be an exemplar of sustainable development and create a truly special piece of London.

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Meridian Water has many goals, including local communities being its principal beneficiaries. The project has an ambitious Environmental Sustainability Strategy with three ecological goals; Carbon Positive, Environment Positive, Zero Waste & Circular. Delivering the ESS requires:

  • Compliance: Ambitious Environmental Sustainability Strategy (ESS) needs to be tracked across > 40 projects
  • Data management and reporting: How to easily track and feedback on large amounts of information
  • Co-ordination and collaboration: inter and intra team collaboration to enable continual learning

OnePlanet Solution

Meridian Water comprises many separate projects and the OnePlanet platform is being used to track progress across these projects to ensure the ESS and other key Meridian Water goals and objectives are delivered. The OnePlanet platform achieves this through:

  • Centralised data management. The Meridian Water sustainability strategy has been digitalised incorporating its key aspirations and targets, which are adopted into each project to ensure consistent tracking of compliance and reporting.
  • Aligning implementation and compliance. Teams manage their sustainability plan on the platform, where compliance can also be tracked and verified.
  • Enabling collaboration. Teams can view each other’s plans, share and adopt successful ideas into their own plans and celebrate each other’s successes.
  • Framework mapping and filtering. The ‘Lens’ function in the platform allows users to reorganise, filter and visualise data in multiple different fashions; UN Sustainability Goals, One Planet Living, GRESB and the RiBA stages.
  • Automated reporting. The data structure allows programme wide, project or specific indicator reports to be created at the touch of a button.

Sustainability is complex and involves lots of stakeholders. OnePlanet has allowed us to collaborate with wider project teams unlocking their experience and creativity as opposed to us having to drive the agenda on our own.

By allowing performance to be viewed through different ‘lenses’ the requirements are understandable to all audiences, who understand how they are contributing to our ambitious targets.

Benefits and Return on Investment

The solution is currently being deployed with the following intended benefits:

  • Simplified compliance process saves time: Consistent and transparent management of compliance reduces risk.


  • Automatic reporting improves engagement and saves time.


  • Data management:
    • Centralises all data and information in a consistent format – increasing the value of the data.
    • Search and edit information functionality across any project saves time.


  • Collaboration: templates updated and shared information increases value.