Enfield Council

Case Study


Name: London Borough of Enfield

London Borough of Enfield declared a state of climate emergency in 2019 and in August 2020 adopted its ambitious Climate Action Plan. They are committed to becoming a carbon neutral authority by 2030 and have set a target of 2040 for the rest of the Borough.

The main outcome of the partnership is to support Enfield Council in achieving their climate action targets whilst producing a technology solution that can be utilised by a range of different local authorities moving forward.

More info: https://www.enfield.gov.uk

Published Plan: click here


Enfield Council used the review of the Climate Action Plan as an opportunity to look at innovative approaches for mapping and monitoring climate action across the authority and Borough.

Key challenges:

  • Small team trying to deliver an ambitious strategy.
  • Ensuring collaboration and accountability on climate action across all departments.
  • Reporting on carbon is resource intensive and not in real time.

OnePlanet Solution

Responding to the growing climate crisis can only be met through a whole government response. OnePlanet supported Enfield in addressing this complexity by focusing on the overarching Outcomes that Enfield is aiming to achieve and aligning objectives across departments.

The OnePlanet is supporting the review of the Climate Action Plan by:

  • Strategy mapping. Mapping out close to 10 of Enfield’s key existing strategies to understand where there are synergies and conflicts across departments.
  • ‘Ecosystem Plan’. Synergies are identified as Shared Outcomes and Shared Indicators which are used to create the overall sustainability vision of the Council in an Ecosystem Plan.
  • Alignment and collaboration. Shared Outcomes and Indicators can be adopted into the different Council strategies to facilitate collaboration towards climate action.
  • Action management and accountability. All Actions can be allocated to Council staff simplifying management and tracking of cross departmental strategies.
  • Framework mapping and filtering. The ‘Lens’ function in the platform allows users to reorganise, filter and visualise data in multiple different fashions; UN Sustainability Goals, One Planet Living or the Council’s own categories.

Automated reporting. The data structure allows Council wide, service or specific indicator reports to be created at the touch of a button.

The platform that has been developed enables me to clearly see the inter-relationships in a unique way.

The understanding of the interconnections is helping to drive the Council’s new climate action plan and we wouldn’t have thought of developing the strategy or its management in the way we are progressing without OnePlanet.

Additionally being able to track actions across the council is invaluable.

Benefits and Return on Investment

  • Enhanced collaboration and simplified management increases effectiveness – adding value.

  • Streamlined reporting – saving time.

  • Allows climate team to focus on delivery of key actions.

Enfield Council using technology to measure climate ambitions and strategies