Transition Town Worthing

Case Study


Name: Transition Town Worthing

Transition Town Worthing (TTW) is an active, solutions focused CIC (Community Interest Company), working creatively and practically together – both as individuals and groups – helping to reduce CO2 and create a more sustainable community.

TTW raises awareness on how to move towards a low-carbon lifestyle, taking into consideration social and economic justice. The organisation has built a strong local network of like-minded groups and individuals, all working together to support the local economy, reduce our environmental impact and build community resilience.

TTW is supported by local volunteers and two paid part-time staff and welcomes volunteers looking to contribute time, energy or creative new ideas for TTW’s ever-evolving projects and events.

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Transition Town Worthing


In all the years that TTW has worked with the local community, building co-supportive networks and systems, the one thing that was missing was a map of how all networks interact. TTW already had the web of connections, they just needed the technology to help signpost people to what’s going on locally.

As I watched the Mind Map opening up, I just sat there and went, oh my goodness, this is exactly what I’ve got inside my head! I’ve actually found what I’m looking for.

OnePlanet Solution

When TTW came across One Planet’s graph database technology, they instantly knew that it was exactly what they had been looking for. OnePlanet has enabled TTW to connect all the dots locally, and is helping enable others in the community to take action by creating their own sustainability plans.

The system has enabled TTW to make its sustainability resources widely available through a publicly accessible, interactive and dynamic resource map which illustrates the community network. It has been tailored to include local organisations and businesses that are trying to reduce their impact on the planet in various ways. These organisations are committed to being zero waste, low carbon, supporting the local economy and trying to help mitigate climate change and ecosystem collapse, as well as helping our community to become more inclusive and supportive of each other.

Transition Town Worthing needed to find a computer programme that helped us to join up the dots locally between all the organisations, projects and activities that are going on that help support the environment and biodiversity as well as reducing our own individual and collective carbon footprints.

As soon as we were introduced to the One Planet technology and frameworks, we knew we had found exactly what we were looking for to enable us to produce a Sustainable Worthing map, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.

Benefits and Return on Investment

  • The TTW map helps people find out what is going on locally, so that they can reduce their carbon footprint by supporting or joining existing initiatives, or even identifying where there are gaps and maybe fill them with their own solutions.

  • It provides inspiration for businesses and organisations wanting to improve their sustainability.

  • It provides a framework for stakeholders to create their own maps as part of our own ecosystem