Haringey Council

Case Study


Name: Haringey Council

Haringey Council declared a climate emergency in 2019 with the bold ambition to become a net-zero borough by 2041. In March 2021 the cabinet unanimously approved the Haringey Climate Change Action Plan, mapping out the route to the 2041 net-zero target. 

OnePlanet have supported Haringey to map out the connections between their Climate Change Action Plan and other key strategies. Together OnePlanet and Haringey have worked to customise the OnePlanet platform to ensure that carbon mitigation is embedded into all Council reports and decisions.

More info: Net Zero Carbon Haringey


Haringey has a small climate change team to deliver an ambitious strategy and target. The team believe that the only way of achieving the target is by embedding carbon mitigation into all council strategies and reports and building capacity across the council to deliver the target. 

Key challenges:

  • Small team trying to deliver an ambitious strategy.

  • Ensuring collaboration and accountability on climate action across all departments,

  • Commitment and requirement that all council decisions are aligned with the carbon mitigation target, as well as with climate adaptation and waste reduction.

OnePlanet Solution

Responding to the growing climate crisis can only be met through a whole government response. OnePlanet supported Haringey to develop a tool for embedding carbon into all Council reports. 

OnePlanet is supporting the delivery of the climate strategy by:

  • Internal strategy alignment. Mapping out Haringey’s key existing strategies to understand where there are synergies and conflicts across departments.  

  • Carbon reporting. A project specific customisable template for Officers to complete for all Council reports that guides them through a process to minimise carbon and report on this. 

  • Capacity Building. Provision of guidance and case studies to enable all council officers to understand how they can support the carbon mitigation strategy in their work.

  • Framework mapping and filtering. The ‘Lens’ function in the platform allows users to reorganise, filter and visualise data in multiple different fashions, allowing them to understand the relevance of carbon to their area of work. 

  • Automated reporting. The data structure allows Council wide, service or specific indicator reports to be created at the touch of a button. 

Councils deliver multiple strategies and action plans, by multiple departments. To create links, to highlight shared objectives and performance, for subjects such as public health and carbon reduction we need to be using software like OnePlanet.

The clear visualisation and measurement of the co-benefits enables collaboration and saves time in management and reporting.

Benefits and Return on Investment

  • Project templates with guidance and case studies allows officers to assess the carbon impact of their project – builds knowledge across the council, saves the climate change team time and mitigates carbon.

  • Embedding carbon in all decisions without the use of the project templates would otherwise require at least three full time employees.

  • Streamlined reporting – saves time.

  • Allows the climate change team to focus on delivery of key actions – increases impact.