Eastbourne Eco Action Network - E-HIVE

Local community and environmental groups often contact OnePlanet inspired by presentations they’ve seen or what they’ve heard from OnePlanet users. They often have a lot of enthusiasm for developing Action Plans of their own to help their community move to a sustainable future. The OnePlanet platform can demonstrate the breadth and depth of activities that are going on in the local area. This supports local people to get involved.

These groups are making a big effort to support the transition. They make the process of meeting people, discussing options and pledging time/resources to local initiatives that will improve the local area, far more accessible. Taking a big leap, many go as far as setting up eco-hubs on busy high streets. People are able to build relationships and get to know what’s going on in their local area at these welcoming environments.

The platform is such a good interactive way for people to find out exactly what is going on in the local area in terms of sustainability.

It allowed me personally to join up the dots and see the big picture of what’s going on in the local area.

Andy Durling – Eastbourne Eco Action Network

Community Partnership Programme

As part of our social and environmental mission, OnePlanet has been co-developing a Community Partnership Programme for community and environmental groups. It is designed to overcome any barriers to entry, foster relationships, increase capacity and build on that initial enthusiasm. Ultimately the partnership program is aimed at supporting groups to develop a framework for collaboration. This provides local people with multiple pathways to action.

Some of the early adopters are Eastbourne Eco Action Network, Transition Town Worthing and the Building Bridges Hub in Maidenhead.

The OnePlanet platform is fantastic. From someone who has difficulty with computers, I loved it at once because it was so intuitive.

Donna Stimson – Building Bridges Hub, Maidenhead

Key benefits

  • Platform: Access to the platform and services without funds being a barrier to entry.
  • Demonstrate: Show how your organisation is already contributing towards existing strategic plans in the area.
  • Collaborate: Utilise the OnePlanet platform as a framework for collaboration around Shared Outcomes with other local stakeholders.
  • Funding: Support with project applications for grant funding and sponsorship from local organisations.
  • Revenue: Opportunities to generate revenues promoting, selling and delivering services.

As I watched the Mind Map opening up, I just sat there and went, oh my goodness, this is exactly what I’ve got inside my head! I’ve actually found what I’m looking for. 

Pauline Cory – Transition Town Worthing

Contact us

We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can support you in your efforts to create a sustainable future for your local area.

If you’re interested in joining our Partnership Programme, you can find out more and register your interest here and our Partnerships Coordinator will be in touch shortly.