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Recently we partnered with leading sustainability consultancy Useful Projects to co-develop climate strategies for local governments. This brings a unique blend of consultancy expertise and our tailored technology platform to implement climate action effectively. In a short series of posts, we will show you the full range of tools that help to achieve this. They will also direct you to the relevant part of the ‘Local Government Sandbox’ – a demo environment where you can test out the OnePlanet platform yourself.

As part one of this series, we will be outlining how the OnePlanet platform can be used to understand your baseline and context. Make sure to check out Useful Project’s post about how the Net Zero Navigator tool is also used at this stage.

Mapping strategies

The first step in the process is to map a number of key existing council strategies into the OnePlanet platform. We recommend choosing the strategies that inform different areas of sustainability including health and wellbeing, economic development, transport and waste. This helps embed carbon mitigation into all these strategies and to align them towards delivering multiple outcomes.

We upload each strategy onto the OnePlanet platform in our common structure:

  • Outcomes: what do you hope to achieve?
  • Actions: what will you do to achieve it?
  • Indicators: how will you measure progress?

Alignment and understanding interconnections

Converting each strategy into this structure aligns all council activity and identifies the ‘Shared Outcomes’ everyone is working towards. These Shared Outcomes are used to create an ‘Ecosystem Plan’ and link the council strategies together. The OnePlanet platform’s innovative technology allows us to link all actions to the different Shared Outcomes and understand the contributions of each different strategy and how they are interconnected.

This process ensures that the actions in the new climate strategy are aligned with current council activity and avoids duplication. The OnePlanet technology also assists in spotting gaps and areas that need more focus.

The same process can also be used to assess what your key external stakeholders are delivering to find opportunities for collaboration. We will explore this more in our next blog! 

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about how OnePlanet can help you to create, update or align your climate action strategy you can get in touch at You can also contact us if you would like to try out our Local Government Sandbox.