These were the words of Pauline Cory of Transition Town Worthing (TTW), when she saw OnePlanet at an online event last summer organised by South East Climate Alliance’s (SECA). Transition Town Worthing is a community organisation committed to working creatively and practically together to reduce carbon emissions and create a more sustainable community. Pauline contacted OnePlanet and we agreed to work with her to create an online climate resilience Resource Map for the community which could also be used in the high street Climate Resilience cEntre Worthing (CREW).

SECA Knowledge Sharing Webinar

In early February, at a SECA Knowledge Sharing webinar chaired by Nicola Peel, we teamed up to showcase our joint work. Pauline explained how over the years the community group had built up a web of contacts and organisations across the town that support sustainable lifestyles. The challenge was sharing this network of resources with the community and signposting them to new opportunities in the local area. On top of this, Pauline wanted people to understand the interconnections between the different organisations and how they crossed over multiple sustainability outcomes.

The OnePlanet technology has downloaded what was in my brain. It’s better than post-it notes and string!

Pauline Cory, Transition Town Worthing

The project has enabled TTW to make its sustainability resources widely available through an interactive and dynamic resource map. Local businesses like Compost Club are able to connect their OnePlanet sustainability plan to the map and share it with the community.

At OnePlanet, we’d like to thank SECA for making the connections. We are using the technology with the Building Bridges Hub in Maidenhead as well and we hope to work with more community groups in the future. OnePlanet also sees these resource maps as a great opportunity for local government and the community to work collaboratively on climate action. If you are interested in hearing more, please get in contact at:

A full recording of the SECA Knowledge Sharing event can be viewed here.

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