Net zero - Catapult

Following COP26, many UK local authorities are now considering how to best react to the climate crisis.
Connected Places Catapult have worked with partners and in close consultation with a range of local authorities to develop a strategic tool to help think through the interventions and changes which need to happen, who should be involved and how to make the political and economic case for execution.

Having benefited from feedback from UK local authorities who have used a previous beta version, Catapult has worked with OnePlanet to make an online version and integrate it with a OnePlanet ecosystem solution.

The Net Zero Navigator tool is designed to help:

  • Make or refine plans to reach net-zero in a UK local authority area – and which reflects the unique characteristics and capabilities of that area
  • Incorporate a view on co-benefits to help support the case for action
  • Build the business case for different intervention areas
  • Identify other local authorities with shared challenges and characteristics in order to collaborate and learn
  • Translate a finalised plan into execution through the OnePlanet platform which enables programme planning and delivery