Creating, sharing, connecting, tracking, collaborating and reporting – effortlessly

Making life simple - Outcomes, Actions and Indicators

Planning, reporting and collaborating can be unnecessarily complicated. OnePlanet makes this effortless, dynamic and engaging. 

The platform designed to help you create and implement  ‘joined-up’ actionable plans for your organisation and your wider ‘ecosystem’ of customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders. Our simple, universal method allows you to map the Outcomes you want to achieve and share them with anyone who needs to be involved, link-up Actions your organisation or ecosystem need to take, and track Indicators that help you monitor progress.

Whether you are a business network, a tourism network or any other special interest network, the OnePlanet platform allows you to provide immeditately a new service to your members. 

Using customised Best Practice Templates, built in your own framework or set of principles, you can provide to your members plans including:

  • Suggested Actions and Indicators
  • A shared set of Outcomes
  • Specific guidance for each Action or Indicator
  • Relevant case studies. 

The platform can even be used to facilitate a Community of Practice.

Unlock the benefits of the 'Network Effect'

Whatever network you serve – for example in business, tourism, government, community or geography – the OnePlanet platform allows you immediately to provide a new service to your members. 

Using customised Best Practice Templates, built in your own framework or set of principles, you can support your members with connectable plans containing:

  • Shared Outcomes to align plans
  • recommended Actions and Indicators
  • specific Guidance for each Action or Indicator
  • relevant Case Studies.

The platform can be used to nurture a Community of Practice.  Your network members can explore each other plans easily and track progress in real time using our ‘Navigator’ functionality, creating a dynamic learning environment.

We understand that networks can be hard to coordinate. OnePlanet enables more self-management by network members, enabling members effortlessly to create, share, connect, compare, learn and report on plans in a simple and intuitive way.

Tracking and Supporting your Members

By using the platform, you and your network also be able to understand and learn from each other through:

  • Reports pulling in data on specific Outcomes or Indicators from all your members
  • Mindmaps for members to explore
  • Geomaps of your members and location of their Actions to identify opportunities for collaboration
  • Ongoing Progress Updates and Stories to increase engagement 

Core features of the platform

Mindmap View

Strategise, prioritise, focus thinking and resources, cut through confusion, identify inconsistencies, gaps and opportunities, and communicate easily.

Table View

See your plan in spreadsheet form, easy to manage and edit

Document View

View, edit, save and publish your organisation plan or ecosystem-wide reports in various formats at the click of a button

Geomap view

Want to know where all the action is happening in your plan? You can geo-tag Actions, Outcomes, and Indicators and view it on a map. Learn more.


Everyone has a different way of viewing the world – View, organise and report at the click of a button using multiple different frameworks with our ‘Lenses’ functionality. Plans can be developed using standard frameworks such as One Planet Living® principles and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or industry-specific frameworks such as GRI or LEED. If you have your own sustainability framework or would like to create one, we can create a customised Lens for you.

Collaborate with colleagues

Collaborate in real time, greater engagement and participation

Connect and collaborate with your wider Ecosystem

Use our unique Shared Outcomes feature to connect, engage and collaborate with anyone or everyone in ‘ecosystem’ – customers, suppliers, partners, stakeholders, citizens.

Showcase in real time

With static websites out-of-date almost as soon as you publish them, OnePlanet offers a more useful and dynamic solution. You can automatically share your commitment and impact by publishing your Mindmaps dynamically and interactively, along with ‘snapshots’ in say annual reports,all at the click of a button.  


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