Credit: William Duggan

A guest blog by Hayley Roulstone, a Youth Ambassador for Sustainable Cayman.

Sustainable Cayman is thrilled to announce our participation in the prestigious OnePlanet + House of Commons event in London, UK, on February 28, 2024. Organized by OnePlanet and Re-wired Earth, this event provides a platform for young climate leaders to address MPs directly about their innovative climate initiatives. Sustainable Cayman is seizing this golden opportunity to showcase the Cayman Islands’ climate challenges and their proactive stance towards sustainability. Our passionate Ambassadors will be front and center asking UK parliamentarians how they plan to assist us in combating climate change. It’s a chance for heartfelt dialogues on safeguarding Caymanians in the face of environmental threats.

Additionally, our team has authored a thought-provoking discussion paper titled Rising Tides, Departing Shores: Resilience Amidst Adversity for the Cayman Islands. This paper addresses the imminent challenges posed by sea-level rise and the inevitable departure from our beloved shores. Furthermore, one of our ambassadors has undertaken systems mapping training with OnePlanet and has ingeniously developed the Sustainable Cayman Community Ecosystem, a digital solution that showcases the intricate connections between citizens, suppliers, and stakeholders, a game-changer in visualizing our collective efforts. This network map, featured in our discussion paper and on, enhances our understanding of collective responsibility.

At the OnePlanet + House of Commons event, our representatives will proudly present our discussion paper and systems-mapped Action Plan, fostering collaboration and inspiring positive change. Follow along and share your thoughts with us on this exhilarating journey towards a sustainable future!


Photo Credit William Duggan