Tech Updates

Now that all (?) the teething problems of moving to the new tech stack have been completed, the development team have been able to focus on expanding the existing functionality and building new capabilities into the platform. 

We’re already seeing the benefits of this as it is helping local governments understand all the complex inter-connections in their Local Nature Recovery Strategies, as well as enabling us to select the right information in our Local Government Climate Action Database.


Some of these exciting developments include:

Enhancing the reporting capabilities:

The document view of a single plan has been improved including:

More granular filtering of information, so you can choose exactly which aspects of information to include; if you want the progress bar, but no updates, or just the most recent monitoring data and not the target – no problem.

The ability to create your own report templates. As the reporting granularity increases, setting the parameters becomes more time consuming; but now you can create any number of favourite templates and instantly create those reports.

For those with an Ecosystem Account, you will be able to see these same improvements in the Report Generator, and we’ve also improved how the information from the Action Plans is presented. See more on the helpdesk:

Connecting to Ecosystem Plans

We’ve made this much more straightforward so you can now select and deselect as many Shared Outcomes or Indicators as you would like, which is saving the Young Leaders a lot of time as they continue their mapping!

Visualising ecosystem data

We’ve also been continually improving how you can visualise and generate reports across a network of interconnected plans. The shift to Flower and Spider view to enable you to:

  • Focus in an all the activity relating to a specific Shared Outcome or Indicator, and create a report of that
  • Crawl across an ecosystem to understand the detail of its interconnections. 
These features can be seen here:

All these advanced features are explained here:

We’ve also started work on major upgrades including geo-mapping and integrations, which we’re really excited about!