regenerative design

Daniel Christian Wahl is a pioneer of regenerative design who believes that widespread social and ecological change emerges from local action which transcends into the rest of society through collaboration. 

‘A regenerative human culture will be locally adapted and globally connected.’

Daniel Christian Wahl 2021

Regenerative design goes further than sustainability. Sustainability translates as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations of meeting their needs. Whereas regenerative design creates an environmentally enhancing, restorative relationship between humanity and ecosystems where we actively improve the planet for generations to come

According to Wahl, if we are to create regenerative cultures, we must mimic how natural systems function and organise society around principles of collaboration, diversity, resilience and regeneration. This means recognising the different networks that make up a community and understanding how they are interconnected. By focusing on the local and regional scale, tailored solutions can be created that reflect that particular area

The Net Zero Navigator tool

Connected Places Catapult have created the Net Zero Navigator tool to help UK local authorities reach their net zero targets and have collaborated with OnePlanet to integrate the tool with a OnePlanet ecosystem solution. The Net Zero Navigator is designed to help local authorities make or refine their plans by outlining the interventions they need to take and prioritising them depending on the unique characteristics of that area. 

Wahl explains that at the local and regional scale, solutions arise much faster because it is easier to pick up on what works and what doesn’t. Best practice should be shared between local communities to work towards regenerative and resilient cultures. The OnePlanet ecosystem allows users to connect multiple plans together around shared outcomes. These are bound to indicators that monitor progress. This allows multiple departments to work and collaborate under a central climate strategy. Users can also visualise their plans in a mind-map which enables them to see the different networks and how they are interconnected

The Net Zero Navigator tool and OnePlanet ecosystem together can enable local authorities to reach their zero carbon targets whilst also building regenerative cultures. 

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