Written by Pooran Desai OBE (Founder) and Niamh James (Researcher)

What may appear complicated, might be simple when viewed in terms of its connections.

Eric Berlow is an American Ecologist who embraces systems thinking to identify simple solutions to what appear otherwise extremely complicated problems, as he explains in his TED Talk. From studying ecosystems, Berlow has learned that it can be easier to predict the behaviour of a whole system rather than parts of it. Yes, it  is  complex, but it need not be complicated. By stepping back and seeing the system as a whole, we can understand its behaviour better than if we focus in on one link. Thus we have a better chance of finding simpler answers.

This way of thinking is not just limited to understanding the natural world. We can apply this logic to all kinds of issues we face in society, including our response to the climate crisis. 

The OnePlanet platform

The OnePlanet platform is built upon systems thinking. It is designed to reflect the complexity of a company’s or organisation’s plans in a way that allows interconnections to be seen so that innovative, simple solutions can be created. 

Good visualisation tools help untangle complexity and encourage you to ask questions that you didn’t think of before.

Eric Berlow, TEDGlobal 2010

The OnePlanet platform uses network database technology and allows a user to view plans in a mind-map layout

Relationships are visually apparent making it easier to understand interconnections between different outcomes wanting to be achieved.  

At OnePlanet, we believe that understanding the interconnectedness of the world will play a vital role in dealing with the climate and ecological crisis. To bring the Earth’s systems back into balance, we as humans must understand that we are a part of these systems. We must act as part of nature, and not against it. Our technology enables everyone to think in a joined-up manner and discover that the solutions to our sustainability issues are much simpler than we might think. 

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