Donna Stimson, Building Bridges Hub - OnePlanet Ambassador

I have recently had the honour of being appointed a OnePlanet Ambassador!  To say I am delighted is an understatement.  I will be working alongside Nicola Peel, the extraordinary environmentalist, solutionist and speaker who spent twenty years working in the Ecuadorian Amazon and coordinates projects for Rainforest Saver. Coincidentally, our charitable enterprises are taking us both to Anthropy 23 at the Eden Project in Cornwall next week, where we will be working with leaders from all walks of life to find collaborative solutions to the issues that are currently dividing Britain.

The OnePlanet platform is fantastic. The first time I came across it, I knew that it was just what I was looking for. From someone who has difficulty with computers, I loved it at once because it was so intuitive. We have 455 different organisations on our resource map, and I haven't even begun to scratch the surface. So it's just an absolute blessing for me to have found OnePlanet.

This no siloed collaborative approach is OnePlanet’s philosophy, although its system is global.  We have one planet, yet we are currently using resources of four and a half! To create a regenerative planet for all, we must recognise that everything is interlinked, and through understanding the actions that each of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, or their predecessors, the One Planet Living principles, have on each other, you begin to understand the consequences.  At we use Mindmaps, and it helps people like me whose right brain is highly functional, see the issues as a mycelium network, complex, collaborative, and strengthened by nurturing.

We have recently launched our Young Leaders programme.  In the run up to COP28, is supporting your leaders to system-map local government climate action strategies into an integrated “Ecosystem”. This is our quest to investigate the level of joined up thinking within government for key issues, and to develop a framework for future collaboration.

In my capacity as Director of Building Bridges Hub and Green Skills Library in Maidenhead, I’ve also been an early adopter of OnePlanet’s newly established Community Partnership initiative which has brought together a wide range of social and charitable enterprises who are all working towards similar objectives of climate action and regenerative communities. It’s really exciting to see this programme building from strength to strength.