Unite for UK Climate Action

In the run up to COP28, OnePlanet.com supported the first phase of young leaders to system-map local government climate action strategies into a publicly accessible integrated database.

Using the power of digital technology the OnePlanet platform allowed young leaders to prepare and present a set of recommendations for joined up action to MPs, Council CEOs and business leaders. 

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This intergenerational conversation featured climate experts, business leaders, and senior UK politicians discussing the Young Leaders’ findings and responding to their suggestions.

Young Leaders' Manifesto

Following the sessions, we have then worked collaboratively with the young leaders to form a set of outcomes which we feel local governments should be leading the delivery of to amplify their impact in response to the climate crisis. Ultimately, we hope that this piece of work will encourage local councils, businesses and communities to work together to create and deliver effective, joined-up solutions.

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The Manifesto was developed from the systems-map of UK climate policy mapped by the Young Leaders. This systems-map provides a national picture and helps to identify best practice, understand where there are gaps and identify opportunities to develop actions further to deliver co-benefits around health, nature recovery and equity.

If you would like to access the systems map please create an account on Oneplanet.com and then email us (COP28@oneplanet.com), and we will add the workspace to your account!



The initiative continues!

With the success of the Young Leaders Programme last year, we’re continuing our training and mapping into 2024. If you would be interested in joining the team of Young Leaders, find out more and register below: