Unite for UK Climate Action

In the run up to COP28, OnePlanet.com is supporting young leaders to system-map local government climate action strategies into a publicly accessible integrated database.

We will use the power of digital technology to allow young leaders to make a set of recommendations for joined up action to be presented to MPs, Council CEOs and business leaders.

Join us on the 12th of December

To hear directly from the Young Leaders, please follow the links to join them on the 12th December for one of four 45 minute feedback sessions on:


Or at 2pm for an intergenerational conversation on the afternoon of the 12th DecemberThis will feature climate experts, business leaders, and senior UK politicians discussing the Young Leaders’ findings and responding to their suggestions.

This is a great opportunity for young professionals to:

  • Collaborate, contribute and be recognised for taking part in a transformative initiative.
  • Learn, with your peers, a new technology, skill, and way of thinking.
  • Get access to a tool that can increase your impact at work.
  • Be part of a network for change.
  • Get practical experience of the COP process.

All participants will be credited on the website and receive a certificate of participation.

Participants are expected to dedicate a minimum of three days’ time before the end of COP to:

  • Attend our free training in OnePlanet (2 x 1 hour training plus support).
  • Systems map for local government climate strategies.
  • Join a COP theme day event.
  • Collaborate with peers and follow up.

Participants will need the following skills to be able to easily complete the task:

  • Ability to quickly learn a new piece of simple and intuitive software.
  • An interest in and understanding of sustainability.
  • Experience in undertaking detailed analytical tasks.
  • Excellent written communications skills with the ability to speak in English.

Get Involved

PLEASE NOTE: We have a full cohort of Young Leaders for this first phase, but we will be carrying on this initiative in January – so if you would like to participate in the New Year please complete the form below and we will be in touch next month!