My name is Andres Pimentel. I’m a Peruvian American Youtuber, based out of Cusco Peru.

Caring for the environment has always been a part of my education, from Apashu ceremonies, to gardening at home and in school. However, I had some questions and confusion surrounding my personal relationship with the natural world. As the climate crisis gets more and more dire it’s easy to lose hope. I was lucky enough to meet Pooran Desai, CEO of whilst studying at Credo High School, in Northern California. Creedo High was the first One Planet Living school. Pooran was kind enough to take some time to answer my questions. 

In the interview below, we covered the role of following individual dreams in the face of the climate crisis, eco-anxiety, and more. I hope our conversation inspires you as much as it did me. 

You can see more videos by Andres’ here on his YouTube channel.