As we all gear up for COP26, Nick Breeze, writer and film interviewer, speaks with Sir David King, former UK Government Chief Science Advisor. Sir David discusses the kind of mantra we need to get into the mainstream consciousness of climate action: Reduce, Remove and Repair. The message is clear: climate is now the main issue threatening our civilisation across the globe. We are now passing tipping points, creating exponential reactions, the time for rapid scaled up action is now.

Sir David has recently set up the Climate Crisis Advisory Group (CCAG) to respond with agility to the real-time climate crisis. Sir David also suggests the creation of a UN Security Council for Climate Change to deal specifically with the international efforts of nations and regions to tackle arising issues. We must put aside our differences and come together to collaborate to tackle climate change – this is something we wholeheartedly support at and hope our digital tools can enable connections and collaborations to regenerate the planet. Please get in touch if we can help you make the connections to Reduce, Remove and Repair!

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