Ben Horsell, a Sixth Form Student at St Paul’s School, approached OnePlanet to ask about joining the team for a week of Work Experience over the summer holidays. We were delighted to have Ben join the team. Ben was able to join a number of calls with clients and about our products; Ben was always ready with insightful feedback and thoughts. Ben is considering a degree in Geography on completing his A-levels and we hope his time with OnePlanet will be a useful and enriching experience. Below is a reflection from Ben on his experience at OnePlanet.

I write this blog as a student who has recently spent a week experiencing the inner workings of, and I cannot advocate its philosophy enough.

We are all currently living under the looming threat of climate collapse and in the short period of work experience I’ve done I’ve seen the OnePlanet team working very hard to improve this.

Much of the work has been going into the COP26 summit, which OnePlanet hopes will bring the deserved attention to the cause. One of the main things that struck me was how serious our situation is, and this was a bit of a shock at first. In fact, Pooran would actually apologize to people when he explained it, as he felt bad about delivering such dire news.  

At the same time, however, I was given hope, particularly after seeing a talk given to Credo High school, and seeing the children’s inspired reactions.

I also learnt how the mapping software works, this gave me a different perspective on sustainability. In the West, we often aim to break things down and simplify them into individual components, however, by looking at sustainability as an interconnected system, it is much easier to see the range of outcomes that can be achieved and how to achieve them, this is what the mapping software does.

I think Pooran put it best in his own words when he said “what better way can you spend a life than dedicating it to the protection of Earth”, I think we all owe it to Pooran, the team at OnePlanet, and our future generations to aim to live more sustainably. Spending time with the team at OnePlanet has inspired me to do much more for the climate and cemented my decision to pursue sustainability as a career path.