Felix Christoforou
Unite for Climate Action - OnePlanet.com - Pooran Desai, Mike Berners-Lee & guests

Unite for Climate Action: an Intergenerational Event

Save the Date! 12/12/23 It is vital that our climate action be joined-up and trans-disciplinary. On the 12th of December, we’re hosting an intergenerational event to reflect on the COP process and explore how systems mapping for joined-up climate action at the local government level can make a movement for change across the board. Our team of Young Leaders have been systems mapping...

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Ben Gill
Greenwich Autumn

What are the impacts of an ‘unseasonably’ warm Autumn?

As we all basked in September and early October’s ‘unseasonably’ warm weather, a term that no longer holds any meaning, I began to wonder what are the impacts of a warm Autumn. We are all mostly familiar with the problems of an early spring; trees and plants starting to grow and blossoming early before a late...

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Peter Anderson


Unite for UK Climate Action In the run up to COP28, OnePlanet.com is supporting young leaders to system-map local government climate action strategies into a publicly accessible integrated database. We will use the power of digital technology to allow young leaders to make a set of recommendations for joined up action to be presented to MPs, Council CEOs and business...

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Niamh James
OnePlanet.com - drought

Connect the dots to build resilience – Part 2: Water

By Ben Gill In this second part of our ‘connecting the dots’ blog series, we explore why water shortages are something we should be preparing for. After one of the warmest European winters on record, coming on the back of the driest summer for 300 years, the switch to the El Nino weather system is...

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Niamh James
Floods - OnePlanet.com

Connect the dots to build resilience – Part 1

By Pooran Desai  In this short series of blogs, we will explore how ‘connecting the dots’ is core to building health and resilience at all levels.    Climate change, adaptation and resilience Climate change is accelerating. It is urgent for resilience to lie at the heart of our strategies. This will help us survive and...

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