We are in a state of climate emergency and current predictions don’t show much chance of staying below that all important 1.5 degrees Celsius temperature rise. A lot of us are worried, frustrated and feel that our governments are not doing enough to protect us. At OnePlanet, we believe that the building of healthy, strong communities will be an important force in creating resilient futures in a changing climate. Organising solid community networks, which set an example for achieving a healthy, fair and sustainable future, can help get our governments onboard. 

SECA’s Annual Gathering 

At the weekend, OnePlanet attended the South East Climate Alliance’s (SECA) Annual Gathering. SECA is a coalition of local environment, community and faith groups across South East England uniting for urgent action and climate change. The day featured talks from organisations such as Friends of the Earth and Climate Emergency UK as well as a panel discussion with councillors from some of the South East’s local governments. There were also opportunities for the different community groups to share their experiences and learn from each other. 

Particular focus was improving engagement between local governments and community groups on climate action and sustainability. Sometimes these relationships have tensions so learning from both sides what works best to bring real impact was very useful. Here are our key takeaways from the day:

Key Takeaways

  • Reach out to your local councillor by phoning them and arranging an informal meeting to discuss your concerns. Nurturing personal connections with people within the council has helped community groups get the changes they wish for. 
  • When we come together it gives a real feeling of hope and support to finding ways to respond to the climate crisis. 
  • There are lots of opportunities to get involved in your local community! 

On the last point, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. Community group Transition Town Worthing has made this easy for their residents by creating a Community Resource Map using OnePlanet technology

Transition Town Worthing Community Resource Map 

Transition Town Worthing (TTW) have built up years of connections throughout their local community. They contacted OnePlanet to use our technology to make a publicly accessible, interactive and dynamic resource map of sustainability sources which illustrates the community network. OnePlanet has enabled TTW to connect all the dots locally, and is helping enable others in the community to take action by creating their own sustainability plans. 

SECA Knowledge Sharing: OnePlanet Technology in Action 

If you would like to learn more about the work we have done with Transition Town Worthing, join us on Thursday 9th February. SECA is hosting OnePlanet on their Knowledge Sharing Webinar where we will be demonstrating the Community Resource Map created for TTW. We would love to see you there! Click here to reserve your spot.