Whenever a government body buys a good or service it is using taxpayers money. So, it stands to reason that the procurement decision be transparent and deliver value for money. But having a system that delivers this transparency can be a barrier to smaller businesses. Therefore, the Crown Commercial Service have developed a Digital Marketplace called G-Cloud which helps customers in the UK public sector find and buy cloud computing services.

The digital marketplace provides access to over 38,000 services from 5,000 registered suppliers. This allows the UK public sector to quickly access the latest technology and innovation. OnePlanet is very excited to be listed on the latest round, G-Cloud 13, which will be launched on November 9th. The OnePlanet Platform can be procured directly on Digital Marketplace from this date.

The aim of G-Cloud is that suppliers and services which meet the G-Cloud criteria can be purchased directly through the marketplace. Buyers can complete a procurement in four steps:

  1. Write a list of requirements
  2. Search the online marketplace
  3. Assess the service suppliers, including asking any clarification questions
  4. Award the contract

While using the digital marketplace can significantly simplify and speed up procurement procedures, there is still a recommended process to be followed. 

Any public sector organisation that wishes to learn more about procuring digital services through G-Cloud is welcome to contact us and we are happy to advise on the process. 

Contact: nzn@oneplanet.com

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