Ecocity Builders Workshop -

Last month, the Ecocity World Summit 2023 was hosted in London by New London Architecture in partnership with Ecocity Builders. Across three days, representatives from the participating cities across the world came together to formulate and implement plans for the future of our urban areas. The summit focussed on positive change and progress for cities and those who inhabit them.

At the end of the Summit, Introba hosted the Ecocity Challenge Workshop #1 with Ecocity Builders and OnePlanet. Our urbanists were tasked with creating ‘recipes’ for implementing nature-based solutions in the city they were assigned. The event was inspired by the Great British Bake Off and comprised of three challenges: 


    1. Signature Bake – ‘bake’ a Nature-based Solution for your city (selecting one of twenty possible solutions) 

    1. Technical challenge – turn your ‘Signature Bake’ into a recipe which any city could adopt and adapt

  1. Showstopper – twin with another city and help each other adopt and adapt your respective Signature Bakes into one great Showstopper!

Our urbanists used the OnePlanet platform for each of the challenges. They defined the key Outcomes for their city and the Actions needed to deliver their nature-based solution. Each Action was linked to the Outcomes it supported to communicate co-benefits. 

The recipes were then judged by Carole Wright with Blak Outside, Kobie Brand with ICLEI Africa, Diana Ibanez Lopez with Central Saint Martin’s Cities Program. All of our bakers did an excellent job but there could only be one winner… Our star bakers of the day were the Muffington team who had a show stopping recipe for implementing community gardens in cities. 

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