Now that we’ve switched over to our new tech stack, we’re fully focused on developing the platform functionality to enhance collaboration in the achievement of Shared Outcomes, as well as enabling you to get the most out of the platform. To that end, we have developed a new fundamental piece of the OnePlanet platform architecture: the Network Node, as well as revamping our Helpdesk.


Network Node


This new Node enables connection between plans and ecosystems to enable further collaboration. When creating a local government climate strategy, many of the Actions would refer to collaboration, e.g. a district council will work with a county council over transport, or with the water company over conserving water. Now, that Action can be a Network Node and then connect directly to the collaborating organisation’s plan. The Network Node can also be used to create a Resource Map, a map of existing companies, initiatives, and projects that are delivering climate action within a locality. Here, the Nodes can link directly to the Plans of these entities, or to their website. 


We’ve also revamped the Helpdesk, with a focus on providing a broader set of shorter videos – please have a look through and let us know any comments. We will be adding to this continually and creating courses for you to follow. 


Additional upgrades:


Some other improvements that have been made, (and will shortly be added to the Helpdesk), include:

               – Workspace customisation: enables your default workspace, and the Plan view you want to open on as default 

               – Document view enhancements: change in the scrolling to ensure navigation is always available 

               – A range of fixes and improvements!