“Councils deliver multiple plans by multiple departments. To highlight shared objectives, we need software like OnePlanet. The clear visualisation and measurement of co-benefits enables collaboration and saves time in management and reporting.”

Head of Carbon Management, Haringey Council

We are mid-way through our first Leadership Cohort and are already delivering real impact for the participants with some exciting innovations. Given the response to the first cohort, we’re now planning to run a second cohort starting mid-September.

The Cohort is a six-month process and an excellent opportunity for Local Governments to learn with peers how to implement their climate strategy using OnePlanet technology. 


We have been in contact with a number of UK local governments and understood that their key challenges in implementing their climate strategies were:

  1. Lack of collaboration across departments to deliver climate action
  2. Difficulty getting climate actions prioritised over competing objectives
  3. Lack of capacity and feeling overwhelmed
  4. Time-consuming reporting


Our mission is to help Local Governments transition from reacting to issues to focussing on Outcomes:

  • Align your climate plan around co-benefits for a whole council response 
  • Create, manage, track and automatically report on your progress
  • Save time, money and focus precious resources 
  • Expected 5x return in year 1 through saving in staff time

Join our Cohort!

To find out more about our Leadership Cohort, click here or get in touch with us by booking a meeting here or contacting niamh.james@oneplanet.com

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