‘Being able to track actions across the council is invaluable.’

Dominic Millen, Head of Sustainability
London Borough of Enfield

OnePlanet has been working with UK Local Governments to understand the key challenges they face when implementing climate action. One challenge is insufficient collaboration across departments and creating wider internal engagement. 

Recognising co-benefits

More often than not, climate action is seen as separate to issues such as health, social inclusion and employment. In reality, all of these are interconnected and taking climate action can address them simultaneously or have ‘co-benefits’. For example, the transport department might reduce air pollution and carbon emissions by promoting active transport through new walking and cycling infrastructure. An increase in active transport and decrease in car usage would also have co-benefits to health. It would tackle issues such as respiratory diseases, obesity and cancer. 

Delivering climate action requires a whole council effort, not just from the climate or sustainability team. Actions that people in different departments take can contribute to their own outcomes such as job creation, improved health, creating strong communities whilst also tackling climate change. 

Ensure collaboration and drive accountability

The OnePlanet platform allows users to assign actions from any plan to different departments or members. A council member can then access the platform to see which actions they are responsible for and bookmark them. Using the ‘Node Navigator’ functionality on the OnePlanet platform, members can view their bookmarked actions at the click of a button. This allows them to easily report on their contributions to tackling climate change across a number of different council plans. 

For London Borough of Enfield Council, being able to assign specific council members or departments to climate actions was important. This was to direct and hold accountability to people and ensure collaboration. For example, certain actions in their Climate Action Plan, Transport Strategy and Blue & Green Strategy are relevant to the Healthy Streets team. By assigning the actions to ‘Healthy Streets’ and using the Node Navigator, members from the team are able to efficiently identify the specific actions from those plans that they are accountable for and view them in one place. 

Leadership Cohort

We are currently planning for our next Leadership Cohort of Local Governments to support them in delivering climate action using the OnePlanet platform. The six-month process will provide an enhanced climate strategy integrated into existing strategies to streamline implementation, increase engagement and improve reporting. 

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