Our ‘Early Adopter’ Cohort is an excellent opportunity for local authorities to come together and become pioneers of delivering Net Zero. The cohort will help local authorities implement their climate strategies as well as provide workshops and expert support.  

The Net Zero Navigator Tool 

In December, we held a webinar in partnership with Connected Places Catapult to launch their Net Zero Navigator Tool which had been integrated with our OnePlanet platform. The integrated tool helps local governments implement their climate strategies and deliver their net zero targets by:

  • Building confidence and capacity
  • Mapping co-benefits to build the business case and drive collaboration across departments
  • Streamlining implementation by connecting plans and aligning reporting

Feedback from Local Governments

Since then, we have been in contact with a number of UK local authorities to understand their biggest challenges of delivering climate action. There were five main points that kept coming up:

  1. Lack of collaboration across departments to deliver net zero
  2. Difficulty getting climate actions prioritised when up against competing objectives
  3. Climate Officers lack capacity and feel overwhelmed
  4. Need to create wider engagement both internally and externally
  5. Wanted support in using the platform and implementing their climate strategy

The good news is we were confident that the Net Zero Navigator tool could address all of these concerns. However, what we did need to think about was how best we could offer support. 

‘Early Adopter’ Leadership Cohort

We decided the best way for us to support local authorities in implementing their climate strategies and delivering net zero was to set up what we are calling an ‘Early Adopter’ Leadership Cohort. It will be a six-month process where local authorities will come together and be guided through their climate strategies. Each month will feature a thematic workshop run by trusted experts including Connected Places Catapult, Space Syntax and Useful Projects

To find out more about our Leadership Cohort, you can join one of our webinars here.

Alternatively, you can book a meeting with us here or contact us directly at nzn@oneplanet.com