Ecocity Builders

Case Study


Name: Ecocity Builders

Ecocity Builders is a non-profit organisation that provides advocacy, consulting, and education in sustainable city planning, with a focus on access by proximity and pedestrian-oriented development.

OnePlanet is supporting Ecocity to map out Ecosystems for Ecocity Morocco – a project aimed at transitioning seven Moroccan cities into Ecocities.

More info: - EcoCity Builders


  • Transitioning multiple cities into ecocities as part of the Ecocity Morocco initiative
  • Finding a system for multiple city stakeholders to create unique region specific plans that align to Ecocity goals
  • A mechanism for tracking the implementation of actions towards ecocity status
  • A system for engaging and collaborating with a large number of stakeholders
  • Aligning on multiple global frameworks for a range of audiences

OnePlanet Solution

  • A central sustainability platform to enable collaboration, planning and tracking of progress
  • An Ecosystem Plan – with Shared Outcomes and Shared Indicators that can be adopted by all seven cities to show region specific action towards common goals
  • Shared Indicators – to track progress on Ecocity goals and demonstrate how cities’ are retaining Ecocity status
  • A shared vision, common platform and common language for collaboration
  • Lenses – to align with multiple global frameworks including Ecocity’s unique pillars for sustainability, the Sustainable Development Goals and the One Planet Living principles

The OnePlanet system gives people a holistic and whole systems type of solution that we have to move towards. I find that it's a way to not only administer a project and all of the partners on one platform but also brings other people in, shows them what we're doing and helps to share our story. What I've learned from using OnePlanet is that you can make a very complex structure simple and elegant. It makes plans come alive in a way that reduces the overwhelming complexity. Rather than spending weeks or months trying to communicate something, the platform enables me do that in a few minutes.

Benefits and Return on Investment

  • Collaboration: a clear narrative in the form of an Ecosystem plan and alignment of the seven cities helps getting buy-in
  • Project management: simplification of data management saves time and budget allocated for human resources
  • Data management: centralised data and information in a consistent format increases efficiency
  • Value add: a clear and comprehensive set of frameworks provides a route map and helps develop a specific set of actions for efficiency
  • Simplified compliance process: Enables consistency and transparency
  • Automatic reporting: improves engagement and saves time

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