4C Hotel Group

Case Study


Name: 4C Hotel Group

4C Hotel Group manages and develops properties and hotels in key business districts and leisure hot spots across the UK, Middle East, East Africa and Canada. The company was formed in 2010, building on the foundations of a family property business that stretches back to the 1990s.

OnePlanet was engaged by 4C Group to configure an ‘Ecosystem’ that would host the central vision for the group and connect a number of its hotel plans to its central vision and ESG goals.

More info: https://4cgroup.co.uk/ 

OnePlanet.com - 4C Hotel Group


  • Having a central system for communicating the group’s ESG strategy and tracking progress towards targets
  • Having numerous hotels collaborate and align to one set of ESG goals
  • Getting staff to adapt to set timeframes for reporting
  • The need to make sustainability a core part of operations/projects

OnePlanet Solution

  • A central sustainability platform to manage and track all objectives and targets
  • An Ecosystem Plan with Shared Outcomes and Shared Indicators that can be adopted by all hotels in the group and individual action plans that show hotel specific action towards common goals
  • Enabling collaboration for unified efforts towards the group’s ESG goals 
  • Various lenses providing the option to align with multiple global frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Automated reports to share sustainability progress across the group in a written report

OnePlanet has been our valuable platform in structuring and executing our ESG strategy. With multiple assets under our ownership, their holistic solution has seamlessly integrated our company's ethos and values, driving impactful results and providing real-time progress updates

Benefits and Return on Investment

  • Project management: simplification of data management saves time and budget allocated for human resources
  • Data management: centralised data and information in a consistent format increases efficiency across the group
  • Collaboration: a clear narrative in the form of an Ecosystem plan and alignment of the various properties helps getting buy-in 
  • Value add: a clear and comprehensive framework provides a route map to staff and helps in developing a specific set of actions
  • Simplified compliance process: enables consistency, transparency and reduces risk
  • Automatic reporting: improves engagement and saves time