OnePlanet Useful Projects

It’s become increasingly clear that local governments occupy a unique position in responding to and addressing climate change. From a climate adaptation perspective it is local governments who will need to respond to the impacts of climate change, the heatwaves, floods and storms – as well as supporting the local communities to build resilience. Yet when it comes to mitigating emissions the role of local government is more about leverage and facilitation. This includes pushing requirements through procurement, engaging with local businesses and community groups and providing resources. 

At OnePlanet we have worked with a few pioneering local governments, including Enfield, Haringey and Watford. We have used this experience to tailor our platform and resources to really support local governments. The OnePlanet platform helps to develop and implement effective climate strategies. 

OnePlanet partnership with Useful Projects

Recently we have partnered with leading sustainability consultancy Useful Projects to co-develop climate strategies, bringing a unique blend of consultancy expertise and a tailored technology platform. 

Wherever you are in your journey, be that:

  • Understanding your baseline and context 
  • Developing or updating your climate strategy 
  • Implementing your strategy 

We are developing tools and materials that will enable local governments to maximise their impact and increase the resilience of their community. 

In a short series of posts we’ll introduce you to the free tools we have available that you can use to get started. We will also show you the full range of tools that will enable you to embed carbon mitigation into all council strategies, procurements and decisions.

As a starting point please watch our 2 minute video on how to connect to regenerate our planet.