In 2019, Enfield Council declared a state of climate emergency and in 2020 adopted its ambitious Climate Action Plan. For the past year, OnePlanet has been working closely with Enfield Council to upload its key strategies, including the Climate Action Plan, onto the OnePlanet platform. 

This has been a pioneer project to develop the platform for wider use not only by Enfield Council but also by other Local Governments. 

Tracking progress

Enfield Council has been using the platform to report the progress updates of its Climate Action Plan throughout the year. The action management features of the platform allow for activities to be allocated to specific Council departments or members. This simplifies the management and tracking of the plan and ensures accountability on climate action across the Council. 

Generating their report

We are very excited to share that Enfield Council has recently completed its annual progress updates and has generated the Climate Action Plan Progress Report using the OnePlanet platform! Its data structure allows for Council wide, departmental or specific indicator reports to be created automatically at the touch of a button. 

The platform has enabled more effective monitoring of the Climate Action Plan, whilst the streamlined reporting has saved the Council precious time, allowing the Climate Team to focus on the delivery of key actions. 

External Interactive Mindmap view

During the partnership with Enfield Council, we discussed ways to enhance their public engagement process. OnePlanet has enabled the Climate Team to present their Climate Action Plan Progress Report as an Interactive Mindmap to the public. We will be testing whether the Mindmap view will encourage Enfield residents to engage more with the report. 

Click here to view Enfield Council’s Climate Action Plan progress. If you would like to find out more about our partnership with Enfield Council, please contact or book a meeting here.