Our History

‘We need to become more joined-up.’  This is the simple idea which underpins OnePlanet. Our health, economy, climate, communities and natural world are all interconnected.  For instance, if we destroy the climate, we destroy our economy. We need the tools to visualise and manage this interconnectedness. 

OnePlanet was founded in 2019 to provide a digital solution which will enable any individual or organisation to create plans which recognise interconnectedness and which are joined up internally as well as being connectable externally to citizens, customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders.  

OnePlanet Platform - Mindmap

Working closely with a small number of partners and customers, we have developed a platform for wide application. The platform enables plans to be uploaded or create easily and then shared as visually-stimulating mindmaps or detailed documents.  The plans can then be connected together to enable real-time collaboration across sectors, different organisations or departments with the same organisation.

First released in 2020, OnePlanet is intuitive to use, fostering transparency and flexibility, enabling people across all sectors – local government, community groups, designers, corporates and SMEs – to collaborate as on ‘Shared Outcomes’, building trust, increase impact and saving time, money and resources.

 By joining the dots we can support more of the right actions being taken – that is actions which increase the health of people, communities and our planet

OnePlanet Company History - BedZed

Making Sustainability Work

The effectiveness of the process and thinking which underpins OnePlanet is based on the experience of our founder, Pooran Desai, who has led teams creating sustainability strategies with cities, communities, manufacturers, retailers and real estate developers in over 30 countries. He realised that all these organisations and projects had one thing in common – the need to be joined-up and to involve, inform and secure agreement of multiple stakeholders such as staff, citizens, investors, developers, governments, lobby groups and the media.

Pooran founded OnePlanet to embed joined-up thinking into our everyday work. The platform encourages people to share their points of view across traditional siloes of departments, organisations and sectors. The result is dramatically improved quality of plans, as well as reduced time to gain agreement, reducing risk, enhancing compliance and fostering greater commitment by all involved. 

OnePlanet is now being used all over the world to create better, more joined-up cities, communities, landscapes, products and services – and most importantly, better more joined-up lives for people.