New ways to sign on, and see where plans are being mapped!

The tech team have really stepped up the pace of development this month, with the most exciting news being the start of work on integrating a new geographic map view into the platform. So alongside the mindmap, table and document view you’ll also be able to see where activity is taking place. Quite a way to go on this one, but it will be a really exciting addition to the power of OnePlanet.  

This month’s deployments have also seen some significant upgrades, with Single Sign On via Microsoft possible being the most significant. This will really simplify workflows for local governments, or anyone, using the Microsoft system. We’ll be looking at further integrations on this front soon.  

Internally we’ve been working on Network Node, reporting and Plan info.  

Network Node

This has now been included in table view and document view – so if you have used this to create a resource list, you can now easily download a PDF. We’ve also simplified the creation, unadopting and deletion process.  


As people’s workspaces grow with connections to many plans and to several ecosystems the filtering on Report Generator had become a little cumbersome. So the tech team have done a great job of tidying this up and simplifying the interface, so its much faster to select the Nodes you want, the plans and which information to include – and you can still set all of these as favourite templates. Also worth reminding everyone of the option to create a PDF report of your filtered view when you are exploring a Shared Outcome in Connections. 

Plan info

Another issue users with growing workspaces have been facing is that its difficult to quickly see how much activity there is in a specific plan. So now on the plans list page you can easily see: 

●  How many Nodes there are 

●  When the plan was last updated and 

●  By whom. 


And in between this the team was fixing bugs, improving the back of house dashboard and dreaming up new functionality!