Stories of One Planet Living

BedZED Zero Energy Development, UK

Bioregional initiated the award winning BedZED development in partnership with the Peabody Trust. Bioregional’s solutions were key in successfully delivering a 50% reduction in the parking, 45% lower electricity usage, a strong spirit of community participation and a 30% reduction in embodied CO2. Hard lessons were learned on managing risk which were used to improve financial performance in subsequent developments.


Zibi, Ottawa

One of Canada's largest regeneration projects, this mixed use development used the One Planet principles to secure planning entitlements in record time.


Fremantle One Planet City, Australia

The City of Fremantle in Western Australia has put in place a comprehensive Action Plan to achieve a ‘One Planet’ lifestyle for the council, residents and business community by 2025. It is a local government authority with approximately 30,000 residents. With a commitment to innovation, efficiency and planet stewardship, the City identified the One Planet Living Framework as the most effective tool to reduce its environmental impact, deliver a higher quality of life for residents and create new business opportunities.

Its current internal Sustainability Integrator was trained in using the framework. The plan outlines the City’s targets across the ten One Planet Living principles. It acts as a living document to be reviewed annually so that it responds effectively to emerging changes.

Ambitious targets include:

  1. All new commercial, mixed use and multi-residential developments to be designed and constructed to achieve a rating of no less than 4 Star Green Star (Australian environmental construction accreditation)
  2. Reduce council water consumption by 25% against a 2005 baseline by 2015 and 50% by 2020
  3. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from council travel and haulage by at least 30% by 2020 (from 2010)
  4. All product suppliers and service providers for the council will meet best practice for sustainable and ethical sourcing by 2020
  5. The development a One Planet Community Champions group working towards the One Planet Principles on behalf of all residents.


Villages Nature - One Planet Resort, Paris

This 400 acre extension to Disneyland Paris, by joint venture partners EuroDisney and Pierre et Vacances, opened in September 2017 and welcomes some 900,000 visitors per annum. The One Planet principles have informed the whole vision, experience and implementation strategy since it was proposed in 2005. Bioregional worked in partnership with Villages Nature for 12 years and continue to support the team and produce joint public reports.


Sonoma Mountain Village, California

This major redevelopment of a redundant 175 acre data center complex using One Planet principles, creating 1,200 jobs on site with the first residential development starting in 2018. Rental premiums are being achieved and lettings velocities are some 70% above local benchmarks.


Brighton and Hove One Planet City, UK

Brighton Hove’s One Planet Action Plan was created in April 2013, marking its debut as the first One Planet City. As well as greening the city council’s own operations, it aims to enable 280,000 seaside citizens to live well within a fairer share of the earth’s resources.

The overall goal is to boost the local economy, make Brighton Hove more resistant to price hikes in energy, fuel and food, and foster a more equal and healthy city while protecting the environment and our one planet.

The plan sets out how Brighton Hove can meet all the targets under Bioregional’s ten One Planet Principles, identifying achievable goals that are compatible with living within the natural resources our one planet can provide.


One Brighton, UK

Joint venture zero carbon development of 172 apartments and 20,000 sf of commercial space by Bioregional Quintain Ltd and Crest Nicholson PLC, returning 10% Return On Capital Employed (the best in Crest Nicholson’s portfolio) selling in the depths of the recession 2008-10 when most projects were losing money.



B&Q's sustainability strategy, One Planet Home, sets out 15 year targets that would make its operations and customers more sustainable. They have seen carbon reduction of 41%, £141m savings and impressive sales of new products such as easyGrow which was developed in response to One Planet Home targets.


White Gum Valley, Australia
Across the world, urban populations are growing and consuming the earth's resources at rapid, unsustainable rates. The challenge now is to create new, smarter ways to live for a more sustainable future.

WGV at White Gum Valley is an innovative residential development which is responding to this challenge.

London 2012 Olympics - The One Planet Games
In 2005 Bioregional, WWF and London 2012 created a framework for the most sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games ever. Our shared vision, called Towards a One Planet Olympics, became part of London’s bid and then part of London’s promise to the world. Towards a One Planet Olympics started from the premise that we only have one planet and the Games in London would need to respect its ecological limits and create a legacy for sport, the environment and people.


Neighbourhood design affects human health. It's that simple.

Jeff Westeinde | TEDxOttawa