Equity And Local Economy

Creating safe, equitable places to live and work which support local prosperity and international fair trade.

The goal of this principle is to promote diversity and equality of opportunity across all abilities, gender, race, age and sexual orientation; to create a vibrant and resilient economy where a significant proportion of money is spent locally; and to promote international trade that is conducted fairly and without exploitation.

Outcomes we can adopt include
Places and organisations with a level of diversity, for example based race, gender, age and sexual orientation
Wealth and income inequality which is not excessive
Vibrant local economies
Actions we can take include
Introducing ‘living wages’
Buying Fair Trade products
Buying local products
Indicators we might track include
Percentage of affordable homes
Percentage of spending on local suppliers (eg within a 50 km radius)
Ratio of highest to lowest salaries
Equity and local economy at Credo School
Credo School is a public school that moved into SOMO Village, a One Planet Community in Rohnert Park, California in 2017. SOMO Village is a repurposed former data centre, which has been converted into a green business park employing over 1,000 people. Sharing the same campus as local green businesses offers the opportunity for students and businesses to learn from each other. Credo students build relationships with local businesses and engage them in their One Planet activities. For example, Credo students connected with a local surf shop which gave them a discount on surf gear after the students had spent the morning cleaning up the beach.

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