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OnePlanet Ambassadors

OnePlanet Ambassadors are individuals who have a high profile in sustainability and are great networkers and promoters.  They have achieved a lot already in sustainability, are well respected, see the value of OnePlanet platform and have a track record of promoting OnePlanet.  They are good public speakers and/or social media influencers and are well-connected. They want to see OnePlanet become a core platform in the networks they are part of.

Nicola Peel

Nicola Peel is an award-winning environmentalist and solutionist who speaks passionately about the lessons she has learned from her 20 years working in the Ecuadorian Amazon and her deep connection to the natural world. Combining inspiring stories and practical solutions, Nicola provides a vision of how we can live in harmony with Nature.

As soon as I heard Pooran Desai speak about One Planet I got it. After 20 years working in the Ecuadorean Amazon, co -founding the South East Climate Alliance (SECA) and teaching biomimicry I could see it was just like a mycelial network. How nature communicates and shares information.

We urgently need real tangible solutions. By mapping businesses internally and externally we can see our strengths and weaknesses, what we are doing well and areas which need improvement. The 10 key One Planet Principles are what we all need to be working on to create a thriving future.

Donna Stimson

Donna is founder of Building Bridges Hub located in the town centre of Maidenhead, and is dedicated to creating a more sustainable town, seeking to help local residents, businesses and organisations do the same. Donna is working together with local people to make a difference in their communities.  Read more here

The OnePlanet platform is fantastic. The first time I came across it, I knew that it was just what I was looking for. From someone who has difficulty with computers, I loved it at once because it was so intuitive. We have 455 different organisations on our resource map, and I haven't even begun to scratch the surface. So it's just an absolute blessing for me to have found OnePlanet.

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