Suzette Jackson

One Planet Lead Australia & Executive Officer

Suzette Jackson

One Planet Lead Australia & Executive Officer


Suzette Jackson

About Me

I am inspired by nature, passionate about regenerative ecology, design, art and painting, and committed to working together on equity, improved health and community resilience.

I am both strategic and active in my work. I have led ‘Better Block’ urban activations, hosted regenerative farming and food ecology forums, facilitated urban sketching days, hosted radio programs, chaired conferences and provided creative direction for an Environmental Film Festival.

I provide platforms to engage community and share learnings, mentor and encourage collaboration. Personal strengths include adaptability, strategic thinking, innovation, leadership and emotional intelligence. My core values are integrity and creativity.


Through collaboration and coaching Suzette assists teams in identifying their vision and plans for transformation to one planet lifestyles. Her work is focussed on converging sectors of cities and regions, ecology and food systems, with international experience as a strategist, designer, trainer and sustainability facilitator.

With a passion for leveraging health, equity, inclusion and sustainability outcomes, Suzette has worked with national and international corporates, local governments, urban and regional communities.

Suzette is the One Planet Trainer and Assessor in Australia and a One Planet Integrator.


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