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I am the CEO and partner of Green Soluce, a consulting firm dedicated to enabling the rise of more agile real estate and cities, i.e. great places which are more sustainable, smarter and user-centric, which we love to work in, live and play. We deliver added value to our clients through four hubs of expertise: Advisory, Learning, Sustainable Finance and Content. Our multilingual team (full fluency in English, French, German and Spanish) is based in Paris, France, and gathers smart and passionate professionals about the built environment, who will go the extra mile to deliver ingenious and impactful results across Europe and globally.

What I strive for in my work as a One Planet Living Integrator: achieving a lasting positive impact in the real estate and urban ecosystem by helping my clients define, implement and communicate on high-impact, multi stakeholder sustainability projects.


I have a strong track record as a sustainability, CSR and innovation facilitator in the real estate and urban field. Having worked across the full value chain, i.e. for urban planners, real estate developers, investors and occupiers, both in the private and public sector, I have a clear understanding of the sustainability challenges these players and their projects’ face and am very efficient at navigating the organisations to embark all key internal and external stakeholders. As a One Planet Living Integrator, I advised the real estate developer SERCIB who carried out the first office project in France to be endorsed as a National Leader. I am currently working with my team on a One Planet Action Plan for a 90,000 m² business district led by EuroDisney in the Val d’Europe area (near Paris). In 2018 I was ranked by the French media “Traits Urbains” as one of the top 100 professionals in France leading the way for sustainable urban innovation and transformation.


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