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Dr David Galloway

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I live in Australia but work around the world. What interests me most is working at the interfaces of planning and design, community and environment, and business and innovation; to produce sustainable and resilient cities, businesses and communities.

Despite all the challenges I am optimistic about the future particularly if we can embrace change and actively invent, and live, the future we want to create. While some people see One Planet Living as a certification process, for me it is far more important as a guide to how we think about, and design, our future.

As well as running a consulting company, my home base in south-west Australia has been a thirty-year experiment in sustainable living on what was previously 4ha of degraded farm-land. The buildings are constructed from low carbon and reused materials, renewables give us zero carbon energy, we provide our own water, grow a significant proportion of our own food, and support an active community of visitors who come and stay and learn from what we are doing.


I have over 30 years professional experience in Australia and internationally working for government, industry, business, community groups, NGO’s and individuals. Some of this work has been in highly urbanised locations, other places are remote in regions far removed the city.

We work with our clients to create resilient and sustainable projects. Originally I trained as an engineer and an environmental scientist. Over the past twenty years I have done further study in sustainable development and have a doctorate in sustainable design.

My work areas include sustainable systems designs, regional and urban planning, environmental engineering, community development, issues management, carbon projects, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and natural resource management.

We have used One Planet Living as a design framework for built environment projects and with local governments that want to become more sustainable and resilient.


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