Communities and real estate

Use our new platform to do the right thing, boost your brand and help you measurably outperform on financial, social and environmental benchmarks.

Increase the efficiency in planning approvals

Planning is complex and expensive. An authentic approach to sustainability improves engagement with stakeholders through the planning and entitlement process.

Boost your Brand

Customer trust is increasingly important. Earn and retain trust by embedding sustainability and being transparent about your intentions.

Attract and Retain Talent

People in the job market, especially millennials, are focusing on purpose and work-life balance. A commitment to sustainability creates a sought-after working culture.

Be Part of a Global Movement

With our Futuremakers page, OnePlanet is creating a global network of organisations that are creating a healthier, happier and greener future.

Attract Investors

Responsible investment is becoming mainstream. Investing for "impact" in sustainable companies is the fastest growing trend in the financial sector

Improve Risk Management

Supply chains are vulnerable to climate change, water scarcity and poor labour conditions increase this risk. A strong sustainability strategy will make you ready for the future.

Foster Innovation through well-being

Customers expect companies and organisations to support their health and happiness. Use our platform to identify opportunities for new sustainable products and services.

Operate Within the Limits of Our One Planet

Adopt and report on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and keep global temperature rises within safe limits.