Cities and local government

Use our new platform to prepare you city or region for the future by engaging your stakeholders in creating, implementing and measuring sustainability outcomes, actions and indicators.

Why cities & local government are important

Ultimately, our impacts on the planet are the result of how we plan and build our communities, cities and regions, the types of products and services on offer, government policy and the choices we make as individuals.

As a One Planet City or One Planet Region, you recognise you have control over some of these impacts (for example, provision of public transit and car-sharing schemes) and can influence others (for example, through personal choices such as making it easy for citizens to grow or buy local, sustainable and healthy food).

You may want to:

Generate employment in the green economy

Engage your citizens and companies in delivering your sustainability targets

Contribute to the Paris Climate Agreement

Support the Sustainable Development Goals

Improve the resilience of your area

Track impact and communicate progress

Create an economy that generates social and environmental capital as well financial wealth