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Sector: Real Estate

Name: PK Realty Management

More info:

PK Realty Management is a family owned company specialising in commercial, industrial, and residential space in the Greater Portland Market. The company manages 12 buildings and works collaboratively with community stakeholders to breathe life back into historic properties. They are also redeveloping a major waterfront site.


While having strong bonds with the community, particularly the council, the local community needed to be convinced that a developer could aim to be genuinely sustainable. that the local community PK struggled to reconcile developer and sustainability in the locals’ mind.

Key challenges:

  • - They didn't have a coherent sustainability strategy

  • - Reconciling “developer and sustainability” in the mind of the local community - how to create a coherent narrative

  • - Maximising the sustainability opportunity from one specific project and using this to to create a template for future sites

  • - A system to centralising data and project management

  • - Need to engage tenants on sustainability

OnePlanet Solution

OnePlanet was engaged by PK Realty Management to create the sustainability strategy for the company as well as for a specific development project, the Liberty Shipyard/Yard South Project. PK chose to use the One Planet Living framework as they wanted a continuous improvement process as opposed to a checklist approach, as they felt this would create a longer term impact.

To increase engagement with the local government OnePlanet mapped their climate plan and included the key goals in PK’s vision for The Yard South. OnePlanet ran online workshops with key partners including; local associations, existing tenants, the community centre and the local government. This provided a rich source of ideas and strategies to incorporate into the strategy as well as identifying regulatory barriers that would need to be overcome.

The OnePlanet approach and platform :

  • - An ‘Ecosystem Plan’ outlining PK’s key goals and mapping their alignment with local government’s priorities,

  • - Individual plans for each project and building connected to the Ecosystem Plan - aligning goals, centralising data and simplifying project management,

  • - Collaboration with local government, tenants and other stakeholders,

  • - Training of the team and some tenants on the platform.

Benefits and Return on Investment

  • - Project management: simplification of project and data management and ensuring alignment with company goals in all properties saving time

  • - Collaboration: clear narrative and alignment with local government’s climate plan exceeded expectations in getting buy-in delivering value

  • - Upskilling of staff: creating a network of affiliated companies builds the company brand

Specific benefits:

  • - Value add: secured new large tenant with 100 staff on basis of sustainability plan – gave the client confidence/communicate with authenticity