Building Bridges Hub

Case Study


Name: Building Bridges Hub

Building Bridges Hub is located in the town centre of Maidenhead, and is dedicated to creating a more sustainable Maidenhead, seeking to help local residents, businesses and organisations do the same. Bridges believes that by working together, people can truly make a difference in their communities. The Bridges Community Action Plan which showcases Maidenhead’s sustainability “Heroes” has been mapped and published on the OnePlanet platform.

More info: Published Action Plan


  • Overarching challenge is implementing sustainability in the community

  • Community members not knowing what’s out there or who to go to

  • The depth of sustainability not always including health and wellbeing which are core parts of sustainability

  • Silos, funding and resources

OnePlanet Solution

  • Mindmap – enables users at the hub to organise themselves in a very unconventional and stimulating way

  • Vault of information – nearly 500 resources mapped which are now accessible to community of Maidenhead

  • Frameworks – have enabled stakeholders to see where the opportunities are for greater sustainability and its opened up avenues for funding

The OnePlanet platform is fantastic. The first time I came across it, I knew that it was just what I was looking for. From someone who has difficulty with computers, I loved it at once because it was so intuitive. We have 455 different organisations on our resource map, and I haven't even begun to scratch the surface. So it's just an absolute blessing for me to have found OnePlanet.

Benefits and Return on Investment

  • Intuitive –  for those that are not computer savvy

  • Easy uptake at hub – Seamless, Easy to edit, easy to add, easy to use

  • Collaboration – connecting with other eco groups that are doing similar things