We are a strong team with strong leadership.
Meet our management:

Pooran has been working in sustainability for over 30 years, as an entrepreneur, author and advisor. Pooran has chosen a mini Ganesh as his personal item that represents what sustainability means to him. For Pooran it is a reminder to not forget to take time for yourself, pause and to include the spiritual side of life. Ganesh is the elephant headed God and remover of obstacles.

Pooran Desai

Technologist. Robert is CEO of COINS Global, the global market leader in software solutions for the construction industry.

Robert Brown

Our experts

We collaborate with various experts contributing
to our products and services. Meet our team:

Ben has been working in sustainability for 20 years, starting out with a rapping robot to teach primary school children about recycling and working up to supporting the implementation of sustainability on globally leading exemplars such as Villages Nature, Singita and Zibi. Ben has chosen from an apple tree he planted 20 years ago, reminding him of the need to take a long view, as well as the benefits as a local healthy diet.

Ben Gill
Head of Customer Success

Rajat is a software architect and a post graduate in computer science.He has opted for a plant to represent sustainability because he always believes that Plants helps in sustaining life on this planet by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere, absorb carbon dioxide, provide habitat and food for wildlife and humans, and regulate the water cycle.

Rajat Bansal
Chief Architect

Chloe graduated from Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) before working in London in hotel asset management and advisory. She then decided to specialise in sustainability and pursued a Master’s degree. Chloe chose tofu to represent sustainability, as it is an easy swap to help decrease our meat consumption (we know that steak’s not good for the planet).

Chloe Charmillot
Customer Success Project Manager

Maresce is a Masters in Town and Regional Planning graduate. She’s worked on sustainability projects in local government and non-profit organisations for over five years. Maresce has chosen her secateurs to represent the power of food gardening at home. It minimises your carbon footprint on food, uses very little resources and generally just makes you feel good!.

Maresce Stephanus
Customer Success Project Manager

Niamh is a recent Anthropology graduate from Goldsmiths, University of London. Niamh has chosen her bike to represent sustainability because cycling produces zero emissions and contributes to a healthy lifestyle! Niamh bought her bike second hand to reduce waste and challenge overconsumption.

Niamh James
Communications and Customer Success Analyst

Priyanka is a computer scientist and engineering graduate aiming to fulfill the requirements of our society from a technical aspect. She has opted for a plant planted in an earthen pot to give two messages that are either we say no to plastics or reuse them as far as possible. Also, we get so much from plants. So why not plant more to replenish the environment and do our little bit to give back to mother earth.

Priyanka Mishra

I am a Professional IT Software developer, and I choose Water to represent sustainability, I always believe that one should be secure a lot towards the water by not wasting it or reusing your waste water for your gardens or plants around, or always use your tap water wisely. I always believe that effort done by the individual is what matters a lot.

Archit Dugar

I am a software developer. I choose this picture with a dog to represent sustainability because for me sustainability means a world where every living being lives in harmony. It’s a mindset and compassion for the people who will inherit our mess and creating a healthy environment for everyone by not using products that are harmful. It includes small random details of how we live our lives.

Saloni Jagga