Pooran Desai

Sustainability entrepreneur, author and advisor to cities, governments and companies. Pooran studied medical sciences and neuroscience at Oxford and Cambridge universities and his aim is to help people make better, more sustainable decisions when living and working in a complex changing world.

Paul Milton

Thought leader and a high-level strategist, Paul is dedicated to developing innovative and measurable investment models within areas of conservation and global natural resources. Paul is the founder of Milton Group LLC US and Milton Advisors Ltd UK.

Sue Riddlestone

Social entrepreneur and influencer. Sue co-founded sustainability charity and social enterprise Bioregional in 1994. She was part of the London 2012 Olympic bid team to write the sustainability strategy for our Olympic and Paralympic Games, and subsequently helped to deliver the greenest Games staged to date. She worked closely with the United Nations to secure its Sustainable Development Goals.

Jonathan Griffin

Technologist and digital publishing consultant. Trustee of Bioregional. His work was awarded best Digital Technology Application and Innovator of the Year by the Stationers’ Company in its 2017 Innovation Excellence Awards.

Robert Brown

Technologist. Robert is CEO of COINS Global, the global market leader in software solutions for the construction industry. Robert advocates development of software solutions that increase margins, reduce risk, improve quality and decision making.

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